Manish Malhotra in #Amazon India Couture Week Finale

THE EMPRESS STORY’ Collection will debut in Spring 2016 at the first Manish Malhotra Flagship Boutique in London and Dubai.

The Empress Story

The Empress Story- Intricate Embroidery

The Empress Story- Detailing 

THE EMPRESS STORY’ is influenced by the designer’s passion for reviving centuries-old Indian craftsmanship in a design story that is relevant for global consumers of couture. Each outfit in the collection is special as there are limited editions and it presents Indian intricate detailing on classic western silhouettes- marking a first for the label.

The Collection celebrates the Modern Indian Woman. From passion and intelligence to confidence and elegance, 'THE EMPRESS STORY' weaves in the myriad nuances of femininity to recreate magical tales in fabrics.